What sells a house? Hint: Know what you’re doing

What sells a house? Hint: Know what you’re doing

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If you’re wondering what sells a house, chances are you have one to sell. Selling a house can be daunting. It’s a lot of work, and it takes a lot of time. And, often, money. If money isn’t something you can, or want to, spend and you want to sell your home quickly, give RA Home Solutions a call at 248-444-4513.

But if you’ve got the time and the money, here are some things to consider.

Money (that’s what you want): Selling your house for the highest price you can is an obvious goal. But it’s important to do your home work and get a good real estate agent. He or she should know what comparable homes in the area are going for, be familiar with the current market, and be able to help you price it right. If you aim too high you might scare off potential buyers. Of course, you don’t want to give it away, either. Be smart about any big updates you might want to do. If you’ve got a dated kitchen you’ll probably want to spruce it up. But while a brand new kitchen is a great selling point, but you’re not likely to get the amount of money you spend back. It might make more sense to make smaller cosmetic changes.

You’ve got to hide your stuff away. When potential buyers walk into your home, the less they see of your stuff the better. Have a garage sale, rent a storage unit, donate stuff to charity. Do whatever it takes to cut out the clutter. You want to people to notice the space in your home, not how you’ve managed to shove decades worth of board games, winter boots, raincoats, and tennis rackets in the hall closet.

Dear pruner. When it comes to the human heart, it may be true that it’s what’s inside that counts. But when it comes to a house, the outside matters just as much. When’s the last time you took a good look at your landscaping? Do you have shrubbery that’s taken over your garden? A rose of Sharon concealing a bedroom window? Tree branches growing over your roof? Get out the shears or call a landscaping service to get things under control. You don’t want anything blocking your windows or rubbing against the siding or roof. The longer you wait, the more potential damage you’ll have to deal with later.

Fixing a hole. This might seem obvious, but if there’s a hole somewhere: the roof, the drywall, a rusted through spot on the garden gate, you should fix it. Tackling minor small repairs goes a long way toward making a good first impression on potential buyers. Even if something seems inconsequential, like a torn screen, buyers notice little things like that and will likely come to the conclusion that a seller who doesn’t bother to sweat the small stuff probably hasn’t been taking care of the big stuff, either.

With a little help from your friends. Taking care of the “small” stuff is easier said than done. After all, every project takes time and as those projects add up it might start to feel like an impossibility. So get help. If you got the money, hire professionals to paint, clean, and stage your home. If you can’t afford pros, shell out for some pizza and beer and have friends and family help you. Selling a house is hard work. You don’t want to do it alone if you don’t have to.

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