Have your house and eat it, too

Have your house and eat it, too

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Little Chocolate Houses by The Chocolate Delicacy.Who says you have to wait until the holidays to create and enjoy edible houses? Whether you’re looking for that perfect “thank you” gift for your realtor, a way to spice up an open house, or searching for some sweet inspiration, check out these tasty finds.

  • While gingerbread houses are traditionally thought of as Christmas decorations (or, increasingly, for Halloween), you don’t have to wait for snow to fall to let your inner edible architect fly. You can make a replica of a house for someone you care about, the ultimate house warming gift.
  • You’ve heard of saying it with flowers, but why not say it with cupcakes? There are countless ideas for house warming cupcakes on the Internet. One of my favorites is the adorable set of “Moving house cupcakes” from Karen’s Kakery. Incredibly detailed, this set of little cakes tells the story of buying a new home: everything from the For Sale sign to signing the papers to a welcome mat in front of your very own door. If these look too daunting, you can always buy some cute cake toppers for a unique look without all of the painstaking work.
  • If you think the tiny house movement is cool, wait until you see these pint-sized cookie houses from Megan of not martha. Created to perch on the edge of a cup of hot cocoa, you can make them out of the traditional ginger bread, or you can try your hand at the slightly more challenging (but worth it if you’re not into gingerbread) sugar cookie variation. These would be perfect for an office party or an unforgettable open house.
  • If you love the 3-D effect but prefer chocolate to cookies, CybrTrayd has a mold for that! Do try this at home.
  • Independent Rhode Island candy shop The Chocolate Delicacy makes adorable little chocolate houses (pictured) that make a great party favor or thank you gift. They also have chocolate keys.
  • If you want to wow with a cake and test your eye for detail, then tackle this dollhouse cake from Wilton. You’ll definitely be the talk of the neighborhood.
  • Wilton also has instructions for a cute Welcome Home cookie display. A perfect housewarming party touch.
  • Baking not your thing? No problem. Cookies by Design has you covered with their adorable “Home Sweet Home” cookie bouquet. Imagine showing up at a friend’s new house with this adorable display. Alternately, if you can’t be there in person, Cookies by Design delivers.
  • For a healthier option, Edible Arrangements makes a Happy House fruit bouquet that is colorful and surely delicious. The little ceramic house will last long after the last piece of fruit has been nibbled. And, yes, they deliver.
  • If fruit is still too decadent for you, go for vegetables! This veggie house is the perfect healthy snack for your open house or housewarming party. If that seems too daunting, you can try this cute little house from Kid Recipes.

No matter how you slice it, bake it, buy it or make it, you’re only limited by your imagination (and budget) when it comes to eating your dream house. Have fun!

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