Homes for Sale Bloomfield style: Star-studded Living

Posted by blogger // April 13, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Homes for sale Bloomfield style! If you’re looking for a home in Bloomfield Hills then you already know that this city has beautiful homes, close knit neighborhoods, and great schools. But did you also know that Bloomfield Hills has a host of notable residents? Every city has a story. Take Hollywood, for instance. You could […]

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Spring fever: timing your listing right could give your sale a boost

Posted by blogger // April 6, 2016 // Blog / Featured

There are plenty of theories about what is the best time to list a home. Do you list in the winter ? Do you hold out for the summer to attract those buyers looking to get in right before the new school year starts? Or do you simply list it when you’re ready to sell, […]

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It’s a hardwood life

Posted by blogger // March 23, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Hardwood. Hardwood who? Hardwood floors rule. If it seems like every other real estate listing you read gushes about a home’s hardwood floors, there’s a good reason for that. Beautiful hardwood floors are a coveted home element that many buyers are looking for. Carpet, however, is also a very appealing choice […]

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There are move-in ready Bloomfield Hills houses for sale!

Posted by blogger // March 16, 2016 // Blog / Featured

“Move-in ready” is in the eye of the beholder. The key is learning to compromise. Are you looking for Bloomfield Hills houses for sale that are move-in ready? Well, you’re in luck. But first it would probably be helpful to discuss what “move-in ready” means. To some, “move-in ready” means that the walls have been […]

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Lights, camera, real estate

Posted by blogger // March 9, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Host Paige Davis and the cast of Trading Spaces.

For some people just the mention of the words “real estate” will make their eyes glaze over. It’s true that the nitty gritty details of real estate transactions can be complicated and confusing, and yet there are many television shows about real estate: buying houses, selling houses, remodeling houses, decorating houses. Granted, these shows don’t […]

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Eco powers bring green showers

Posted by blogger // March 2, 2016 // Blog / Featured

You don’t need a bucket of paint to make your bathroom green. It’s become increasingly important to homeowners that they “go green” when doing home renovations and updates. The demand for eco-friendly products and processes is growing, much to the delight of those who sell such goods and services. Eco-chic is very trendy, and trendy […]

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Fall in love with your home inspector

Posted by blogger // February 24, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Tom Hanks in The Money Pit.

Once you’ve found the perfect home it can be difficult to see it as anything other than, well, perfect. But it’s essential that you find everything that is wrong with the home before you sign on the dotted line. Finding a good home inspector can save you a lot of headaches, not to mention heartache […]

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A spa day for a naked house

Posted by blogger // February 17, 2016 // Blog / Featured

An empty house is rarely a blank slate. More than likely the absence of furnishings will reveal some imperfections. Here are some tips to help you tackle the most common tasks. By the way, these tips are just as handy for sellers who want to leave their buyers a super clean, move-in ready house. Removing […]

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Bloomfield Hills houses for sale are close to arts and culture of Cranbrook

Posted by blogger // February 10, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Cranbrook Gardens

No matter where you are looking in this beautiful community, all Bloomfield Hills houses for sale are practically in the backyard of Cranbrook, which features arts, culture, and history all on one beautiful campus. Cranbrook Art Museum is “one of the oldest contemporary art museums in America” with revolving schedule of exhibitions and programs. In […]

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Tips to beat Michigan’s cold weather blues

Posted by blogger // February 3, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Maintaining a house is a lot of work and snow poses some unique challenges for homeowners. Whether you’re trying to keep your house looking neat in order to impress potential buyers or you’re just trying to make it through another winter, you’ll appreciate these ice cold tips. No Business Like Snow Business: Nobody likes shoveling […]

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