Blind faith: the cure for naked windows

Posted by blogger // August 30, 2016 // Blog / Featured

If you’ve got a house, chances are you have windows. And if you have windows chances are good that you’ll want to dress them up. Whether you want to add color to tie a room together, want to moderate your home’s temperature by blocking or harnessing the sun, or just want some privacy, naked windows […]

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Buying real estate in Detroit? Don’t expect a free lunch.

Posted by blogger // August 23, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

No, you cannot buy this house in Detroit for a dollar.

If you’re buying real estate in Detroit, don’t expect a free lunch. You may have heard that in the city of Detroit you can buy a mansion for a dollar, but that’s not actually the case. True, real estate prices in many parts of Detroit are very low, though that isn’t true of all neighborhoods. […]

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Buying a house? There’s an app for that!

Posted by blogger // June 29, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Since almost everyone on the planet has a smart phone, it’s no surprise that home buyers are adding them to their house hunting tool belts. It’s also no surprise that the app market is flooded with real estate related apps. Every home buyer has different needs, so it’s impossible to make an exhaustive list or […]

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Have paws, will travel: Moving with your best friend

Posted by blogger // June 22, 2016 // Blog / Featured

While moving is an exciting time, it’s also a huge source of stress for every member of your family. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of closing on a home and hiring movers, the needs of the furriest members of the families can get overlooked. But it’s important to remember that dogs have feelings, too, […]

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Should you stay or should you go now?

Posted by blogger // June 8, 2016 // Blog / Featured

When it comes to living in the perfect home for your family and your lifestyle, one question you may be asking yourself is, “Should I move or should I renovate?” Either choice is a big decision and both can be expensive. And while money is certainly always a consideration, this is not a question that […]

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House music: a house hunting playlist

Posted by blogger // May 24, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Buying a home is a huge decision fraught with many emotions: excitement, doubt, fear, sticker shock, giddiness, disappointment, joy… The list goes on and on. What better way to process those emotions then with the right tunes? Here’s a playlist of songs to get you through the home buying process. “Shop Around” by The Miracles: […]

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Can You Sell My House Fast for Cash? Yes, We Can!

Posted by blogger // May 18, 2016 // Blog / Featured

There are many homeowners out there asking, “Can I sell my house fast for cash?” RA Home Solutions is here to answer that question with, “Yes!” Obviously selling a house fast for cash is not the traditional route many home owners take and it is not the right option for everyone. But not everyone knows […]

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Sticker shock: Do sweat the small stuff

Posted by blogger // May 11, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Buying a house is a huge financial decision. Understandably, many buyers are very focused on the cost of the house itself. Most people who are looking for houses have a specific price range that they’re looking in. It makes sense to narrow your search. After all, nobody has the time and energy to look at […]

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Open houses: the good, the bad, and the smelly

Posted by blogger // May 4, 2016 // Blog / Featured

Two words: open house. For some sellers the idea is exciting and they can’t wait to show off the culmination of all the hard work they’ve put into getting their home ready for sale. For other sellers, an open house is just one more box to check off of the long list of Home Selling […]

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Spring into the sun: find excuses to get outside

Posted by blogger // April 20, 2016 // Featured

Now that Spring has finally sprung, it’s understandable that you and you will want to spend much more time outside. For one thing, it feels good! Getting some sun on your face not only gets you some necessary vitamin D, but it also is known to lift moods and make you feel more energetic. Getting […]

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